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Get alternative coverage through zero interest credit during emergencies.

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I am an Employer

Zero Interest Emergency Finance


Medical Emergencies

You've fallen ill and you only have little or no coverage in your medical aid to cover the costs. We can help you settle the bill.


Home Emergencies

You're broke and there's been a storm, your house windows got broken and your roof got messed up. We can help you fix it.


Vehicle Emergencies

Your car breaks down and you realise that the clutch burnt but don't have money to fix it. We can help you get it fixed.

Employers can stay focused on running their businesses while we worry about their employees.

Attract, motivate and retain talented people by helping them get the most from an awesome benefits package. Neomutual is a next generation platform enabling small emloyers provide employee alternative coverage options.

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Zero Interest

Users have up 12 months to repay medical, vehicle and home costs in the event of an emergency without paying interest rates.

Low Fees

There's a low monthly administration fee paid by our partners to keep the platform running. Users access it for free.

No Hassle

Partner sponsored benefit makes it fast and easy for the user to get approved. Credit worthiness is based on affiliation.

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We specialize in solving human problems and putting smiles on their faces.


Neomutual is an online lending platform dedicated to giving uninsured and underinsured individuals alternative coverage through zero interest credit during emergencies.